Saturday, June 9, 2007

What now?

Here it is. Now I have a blog too. Just what the world needed, another blog. Maybe people will read it, maybe they won't. I'm not sure I care. Regardless, it is here. My motivation for writing it is purely selfish but I have an underlying hope others might get some use out of it. I am certain any blog I write will need a theme but I have been struggling with what that should be. Should it be a daily journal? Naw, that is a little fluffy for me. Should it be tech focused? That seems more reasonable given my profession and geek tendencies. Ok, so I know some tech stuff and that is a good place to start. What kind of tech stuff should I cover? Everyone rushes to talk about the new hardware and I am ill from hearing about the new iPhone no matter how much I want one myself. Should I focus on CSS or AJAX? I doubt it, that is done to death as well. After much self debate, it seems clear that I would get more out of this endeavor if I write about tech issues I face each day. I will avoid being limited to a specific technology and not have such breadth that readers will feel like it is another blog of someones random thoughts. So here it is.

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